Going from east to west might give you a feeling of being in a different place altogether than just being in one district of the same state. Summers can witness 25°C to 36°C in some places while others might remain a notch cooler during the same months, especially during March to May. In some places monsoon can be really beautiful and give a reason to become romantic while in others they can be very heavy becoming more of a nuisance than a holiday excuse. Winters can really cooler than other parts of the hills, temperature going down to 0°C even. Carrying a raincoat always is one of the most received tips before visiting Idukki.



Depending upon the areas of the districts and interests of the visiting person, the time of the year could be chosen. The climate is never extreme in Idukki, as the other part of the state or country. The place can be visited throughout the year, except the rainy season. However, the winter season is considered the best season to explore Idukki.


Seasons Months Temperature
Summers March to May 25°C-32°C
Monsoon June to Sep 21°C-27°C
Winter October to February 10°C-25°C