Staying on the luxurious and comfortable tree houses of Idukki in the lap of Mother Nature would truly be a fascinating experience for the travellers. You can stay at the tree-houses where you can actually see for miles and spot the different animals from the vantage point and you can listen to the chirping of the various birds in the morning, enjoy the sun’s rays peeping through the dense trees and the rhythmic hum of the beetles in the evening. Get acquainted with the majestic beauty of Idukki forests and observe the subtle, yet myriad aspects of the forest life right from your tree house. This facility is offered at many resorts in Idukki.


                 The tree houses of Idukki are beautifully designed wooden cottages built on top of the trees at an elevation of 20-90 ft above the ground. Built of eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo poles, coir mats, hay straw, live trees used as pillars, the tree houses in Idukki are the modified versions of “Erumadam”, usually built by the forest tribes to protect them from the attacks of the wild animals. To enhance the pleasure of your stay, all the tree houses are provided with modern amenities like cozy beds, telephone, washbasins, flushable toilets and attached bathrooms with running water/shower facilities. There is also a carpeted balcony where you can sit and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature. The lighting is provided by solar energy or kerosene hurricane lamps. Food is prepared from organically grown fruits and vegetables.


          Most of the tree houses in Idukki are placed in the lush tropical rain forests surrounded by exotic tea and spice plantations. Perched atop, one gets to enjoy the tranquil beauty and bliss of nature. Guests can also enjoy exciting nature trails deep in the lush forests to discover the richness of the flora and fauna of the region. Staying in the Kerala tree houses is a unique and unforgettable experience.

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