Not one hill town could be named for the choice of accommodation when Idukki travel is planned, because of the many hill stations within a district and all being popular with varying degrees. So, according to the holiday plans in any particular village or town of the district, resorts, home stays or hotels in Idukki could be chosen.

The concern to find a good hotel is often there because of the numerous places to have arrangements to make a tourist comfortable. Yet if it is some special requirement like honeymoon cottage, deluxe or luxury suite or anything like that, prior arrangements are always suggested for not getting into a compromising state and spoiling the fun of stay. Pre-booking is always an act to free mind of undue worries that are not required on holidays but still may bug due to inadequate planning.


Heritage Hotels

Reflecting the old glory and grandeur of India, most of the havelis and mansions of ancient times have been turned into Heritage Hotels, that provide the tourists with an opportunity to experience royal pleasure in traditional ambiance.

Luxury Hotels

Equipped with world class infrastructural amenities, the Luxury Hotels offer the tourists with a fine lodging and dining experience. Catering primarily to the upper class executives, the luxury hotels extend a warm welcome to all the customers.

Budget Hotels

A home away from home, the budget hotels accommodate customers from upper middle and middle class. Also referred to as Economy Class Hotel, Business Hotels and Discount Hotels, the Budget Hotels support all the modern infrastructural facilities for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Resorts are mostly found in hill stations and sea side tourist destinations. Located amidst natural scenic beauty, the Resorts are the ideal place to enjoy some valuable time with family and friends or in solitude.


hotel 7

One-Star Hotels:

Hotels in this classification are likely to be small and independently owned, with a family atmosphere. Services may be provided by the owner and family on an informal basis. There may be a limited range of facilities and meals may be fairly simple. Lunch, for example, may not be served. Some bedrooms may not have an en suite bath/shower rooms. Maintenance, cleanliness and comfort should, however, always be of an acceptable standard.

Two-Star Hotels:

In this classification hotels will typically be small to medium sized and offer more extensive facilities than at the one-star level. Some business hotels come into the two-star classification and guests can expect comfortable, well equipped, overnight accommodation, usually with an en-suite bath/shower room. Reception and other staff will aim for a more professional presentation that at the one-star level, and offer a wider range of straightforward services, including food and drink.

hotel 6
hotel 5

Three-Star Hotels:

At this level, hotels are usually of a size to support higher staffing levels, and a significantly greater quality and range of facilities than at the lower star classifications. Reception and the other public rooms will be more spacious and the restaurant will normally also cater to non-residents. All bedrooms will have an en suite bath and shower rooms and offer a good standard of comfort and equipment, such as a hair dryer, direct dial telephone and toiletries in the bathroom. Besides room service, some provisions for business travellers can be expected.

Four-Star Hotels:

Expectations at this level include a degree of luxury as well as quality in the furnishings, decor and equipment, in every area of the hotel. Bedrooms will also usually offer more space than at the lower star levels, and well designed, coordinated furnishings and decor. The en-suite bathrooms will have both bath and fixed shower. There will be a high enough ratio of staff to guests to provide services like porterage, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry-cleaning. The restaurant will demonstrate a serious approach to its cuisine.

hotel 4
hotel 3

Five-Star Hotels:

Here you should find spacious and luxurious accommodation throughout the hotel, matching the best international standards. Interior design should impress with its quality and attention to detail, comfort and elegance. Furnishings should be immaculate. Services should be formal, well supervised and flawless in attention to guests' needs, without being intrusive. The restaurant will demonstrate a high level of technical skill, F&B production to the highest international standards. Staff will be knowledgeable, helpful, well versed in all aspects of customer care and combining efficiency with courtesy.


The main difference between budget, standard and deluxe rooms is price and size. Now days, all the hotel rooms have private bathrooms, cable television, telephone, and Wi-Fi. The physical difference in the rooms is as follows.

Standard or Budget hotel room

A standard or Budget hotel room is an elongated hotel room designed for two people. It is the most basic room type offered by the hotel. It has basic, standard amenities and furnishings. This room is available at all full-service hotels, with the exclusion of facilities that house only suites or extended-stay guests. Budget rooms, are most economical, perfect for guests satisfied with a compact room and window opening onto out.

Deluxe Rooms

A Deluxe room is stocked with a plentiful supply of basic luxurious amenities. ... View, location, upgraded furnishings and décor, and size are deluxe in every way. Each room offers either a city or garden view. The room will have a spacious bathroom with separate shower and an indulgent bed with duvet. In some hotels there are extra facilities that include upgraded complimentary bathroom products, a spacious writing desk, complimentary flowers, and bathrobes.

Super Deluxe Rooms

Super Deluxe Rooms are built in a unique style and arranged with artistic and luxurious features. Authentic artwork adorns the walls of the room with one double bed or two twin beds. In addition to extra space, an en-suite bathroom features a shower and bath, and the room is complete with a working/dressing area. Extra facilities that include upgraded complimentary bathroom products, a spacious writing desk, complimentary flowers, and bathrobes will be available.

Suite Room

Suite is usually two or more rooms clearly defined: a bedroom and a living or sitting room with a dividing door. At times, a suite can offer a balcony, lanai or patio. In the suite all the available facilities and amenities will be provided according to the standard or rating of the hotel.

hotel 2
hotel the-panoramic-getaway
Hotel Chandys-Windy-Woods-5


Note: D = Desirable, N = Necessary, NA = Not Applicable.

There is no relaxation in the necessary criteria

General                                                                                                                               1*      2*       3*      4*     5*

Minimum 2-mesl operation, 7 days a week in season                                                 N       N        N      N      N

Establishment to have all trading license                                                                      N       N        N      N      N

24hrs lifts for building higher than ground plus two floors                                     N       N        N      N      N

Restaurants, public areas and kitchens fully serviced daily                                    N       N        N      N      N

All floor surfaces clean and in good repair                                                                    N       N        N      N      N

Parking facilities (Maximum no. of seats per unit car parking area                     12      10       8       6       4



Multicuisine restaurant of min.30 pax and 600 sq.ft carpet area                             N       N        N      N      N

Speciality restaurant                                                                                                               D       D        D      N      N

24hrs coffee shop                                                                                                                      D       D        D      N      N

Full service of all 3 meals in dining room                                                                         N       N        N      N      N

Crockery and glassware of high quality                                                                            N       N        N      N      N

Cutlery to be at least stainless steel                                                                                    N       N        N      N      N



Refrigerator with deep freeze                                                                                               N      N        N      N      N

Segregated storage of meat, fish and vegetable                                                               N       N        N      N      N

Tiled walls, non-slip floors                                                                                                      N       N        N      N      N

Head covering or production staff                                                                                       D       D        N      N      N

Daily germicidal cleaning of floors                                                                                      N       N        N      N      N

Clean Utensils                                                                                                                              N       N        N      N      N

Six monthly medical checks for production staff                                                            N       N        N      N      N

All food grade equipment, containers                                                                                  N       N        N      N      N

Ventilation system                                                                                                                       N       N        N      N      N

First-aid training for all kitchen staff                                                                                   N       N        N      N      N

Drinking water                                                                                                                              N       N        N      N      N

Garbage to be segregated – wet and dry                                                                                N       N        N      N      N

Receiving and stores to be clean and district from garbage area                                 N       N        N      N      N

Insectocutor                                                                                                                                    N       N        N      N      N


Public Areas

A lounge or seating in the lobby area                                                                                      D       D        D      N      N

Reception facility                                                                                                                            D       D        D      N      N

Souvenir shop                                                                                                                                  NA     NA      D      D      D

Public Telephone                                                                                                                            NA     NA      NA    D      N

Internet facility and tourist information kiosk                                                                    NA     NA      NA    D      D

News papers available                                                                                                                   N        N        N       N      N

Conference facilities                                                                                                                      NA     NA      NA    D      N


Staff Quality

Staff uniforms                                                                                                                                   D      D         N      N      N

Hand gloves and cap for kitchen staff                                                                                       N      N         N      N      N

English speaking front office staff                                                                                              D      D         N      N      N

Government recognized catering/hotel institutes                                                                 10% 15%    20%  40%50%

Staff welfare/facilities                                                                                                                     D        D         N      N      N

Staff rest rooms                                                                                                                                 D        D         N      N      N

Staff locker rooms                                                                                                                            D        D         N      N      N

Dining Area                                                                                                                                         D        D         N      N      N


Common Toilets

Separate gents and ladies toilet                                                                                                   N      N         N      N      N

Access to the toilets not through kitchen/restaurant                                                            N      N         N      N      N

Minimum number of gents W.C                                                                                                    1       1         2       2       2

Minimum number of ladies W.C                                                                                                   1       1         2       2       2

Minimum number of gents urinal                                                                                               1       1         2       2       2

Cleaning of the area in every                                                                                                     2hrs  2hrs     2hrs  1hr    1hr

A wash basin with running water, a mirror, a sanitary bin with-

lid separate for gents and ladies with hand towels                                                                 4       4         4       4       4

Minimum size of W.C. in Sq.ft.                                                                                                       12     12       15     15     15

One W.C. brush per toilet seat                                                                                                        N      N         N      N      N

Guest toiletries including liquid soap to be provided                                                             D      D         N      N      N

Floors and walls to have non-porous surfaces                                                                           N      N         N      N      N

Energy saving lighting                                                                                                                        N      N         N      N      N

A notice showing staff should wash their hands every time they

visit bathroom (in Malayalam & English)                                                                                     N      N         N      N      N


Safety and Security

Staff trained in fire fighting drill                                                                                                     N      N         N      N      N

Security arrangement for all entrance                                                                                           N      N         N      N      N

Smoke detectors                                                                                                                                     D      D         N      N      N

Fire and emergency procedure notices displayed                                                                       D      D         N      N      N

Staff trained in first aid                                                                                                                        D      D         N      N      N

First aid kit with over the counter medicines with front desk                                                 D      D         N      N      N


Eco-friendly practices

Waste Management                                                                                                                                 N        N      N      N      N

Water harvesting and conservation                                                                                                   N        N      N      N      N

Water recycling                                                                                                                                         D        D      N      N      N

Energy saving lights                                                                                                                                 N        N      N      N      N

Alternate energy use                                                                                                                                D        D      D      D      D

Pollution control measures                                                                                                                    D        D      N      N      N